Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greetings from the Cutie Kitchen...

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to paint in the cutest little kitchen...

(thus "The Cutie Kitchen" title, I made that one up...ahem) ;)

I don't normally paint kitchen cabinets.
It's not very fun.
It's my back is crying, hard work &
I just really prefer my painting to be for fun...

But this tiny kitchen, 
in this gorgeous historic home...
just sucked me in...

When I first stopped by to visit,
I just wasn't sure what direction to take with it...
layers & layers & LAYERS of white paint...
(so many layers, that I was not even able to remove the doors...ack!)

Then, I ran up on these pictures on Pinterest one evening 
(when I, no doubt was looking for somegthing else entirely)...

Seriously now...
Bells & Whistles all the way!!!!!

Now, tell me...
would you pass up a chance to paint 
someone else's cabinets THAT COLOR?!?!
I was tickled to death...
and got right after it!

I started on the bottom cabinets using Annie Sloan Provence (which I just love).
The owner wanted a distressed aged look, 
so they are finished with the dark wax. 

After a few days we decided that the top cabinets needed to be aged also,
they were stark white & just did not work entirely with the aged look that the bottom cabinets were sporting.

I didn't want to have to paint these top cabinets & then go back and wax them (lots of work & more expensive for the owner). After a little research & playing around with some new products, I decided to distress the cabinets just a little bit and apply a GLAZE over them (because the Annie Sloan Wax would not adhere to that latex paint that was already on there). 

I found this at Home Depot, I think it ran around $8.99 a can.
I have since used this glaze on several different projects and I still have not even used a full quarter of the can! It's awesome & will give you the mileage on your projects!

Here's a before & after...
Stark white to lightly distressed and aged...

Now, together the top & bottom cabinets look fantastic!
I think eventually the home owner will be replacing the stark white appliances with stainless steel & I've heard talk of some really fetching subway tile...
all the same, I think it turned out darling!!

and NOW after some amazing grasscloth textured wallpaper &
replacing the ceiling fan with an incredible new color popping light fixture...

this Cutie Kitchen is really turning heads!
There are lots more things happening in this house, 
I cannot wait to see everything finished when it is on the Historic Tour of Homes next month!!

Come back & visit soon.
I'm going to show you how to turn a CHEAP particle board shelf into a more customized (less cheap looking), snazzy piece of furniture! ;)

Thanks for stopping by the Cutie Kitchen,
I had a lot of fun working on that one! :)

Happy Thursday!


Dressing Mama...Handbags I Have Loved

Good Morning, friends!

It's fall break at my house...
and for the first fall break in nine years,
we are not at the beach.

Varsity Football...
you are not my friend.

My spoiled rotten children,
they are bitter.

I've been on the treadmill sweating EVERY possible chance I can.
Sweating stress keeps me sane!!

I've spent a good chunk of the break cleaning out closets &
working on filling gaps in everyone's fall/winter wardrobe.
I've finally reached the point where only one child needs a full new wardrobe every season.

Except for the irritation of finding
size 32/34 pants (cheaply) for Big O,
shopping for my bigs is fairly painless.

But who wants to shop for them,
I'd rather shop for mama! ;)

Let's talk about something fun today,
Oh, how I love!!!
Cheap ones, Big ones, Sassy ones, Coveted Expensive ones...ahhhhhh!

First of all let's identify what type of handbag gal you are...

There are two basic types of handbag gals:

You're either the type of woman who carries just the essentials:
lipgloss, phone, keys, money, ID
(notice I have listed them by priority, ha)
you're the type of woman who carries practically everything
but the kitchen sink.

I think I am a little bit of both.

I love to be out with all my stuff,
it's safe,
it's my life preserver...

But sometimes I just like to be hands free.

Yes, I want my cake &
I want to eat it too...;)

Over on the Rue La La Style Blog I noticed they have a GREAT post about bags...

Handbags 101
From their post I determined that I am definitely a HOBO bag girl AND
I have lots of love for the Pochette (crossbody) bag as well.

If you are a huge fan of designer bags,
you are going to find some steals on their site!

I drooled over their TOD's "Flower" Medium Leather Tote...

 and this divine Chopard Leather Shoulder Bag...

I am currently stalking their site...
hoping to see one of these darlings pop up:
(Merry Christmas, to Mommy)

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Menilmontant

But since I'm the cheapest person alive,
(it's true, don't act shocked) ;)
I'll share some more affordable bags that I'm drooling over right now...

Like this dotted Cedar Street Dot - Margot Kate Spade bag...
SO sassy & fun!

and leopard "Charles Street - Cayli" Kate

(& oh, how I love Kate)

This bag is definitely my favorite right now & is just $48!
Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote

This tote is seriously awesome
& looks so expensive!

Now this, people...
is the perfect bag for me
(except for the color)
The French Connection "Elite" Hobo,
I love this one!
One strap,
fits snuggly under the pit...
perfection!! ;)

and lastly,
I don't normally like anything Michael Kors, but this...
I adore!!!

Medium Sophie Calf Hair Messenger Bag

what about your guys?
Is there a special bag in your life right now? ;) 

I do love a good deal,
on a good bag!


I'm working on an introduction letter for Big O,
(I would say I am helping Big O write one, but we all know that is a fib)
the time frame for sending out intro letters to college football coaches has arrived...

I cannot say which scares me worse...
having a son old enough to seriously contact college coaches
having a son playing college football.
(probably the latter)

Either way,
that is an adventure that I will definitely keep you posted about.

Until then
(just hold me).

I'm hopping up & head out for a run.
My peeps on fall break,
my nephews are on their way for a visit...
mama got to get ready! ;)

Wishing y'all a beautiful fall Wednesday &
awesome good handbag deals!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

We have a WINNER!

I think my brain is on a 24 hour delay this weekend...
I meant to post this yesterday...
Single parent weekend fries my brain!

It's time to announce the winner of the $50 TJMaxx/Homegoods Gift Card!!

(insert fake trumpet noises)
(& fake stadium fan sounds)

The winning number is comment #3:

Congrats to my sweet blogging friend, Janet of A Joyful Life (!

Janet, please email me your mailing address & I'll get this card to you asap.
I know you're going to get out & find you something good!
That makes my whole day! :)

Thank you to all my sweet blogging friends who commented and all of you who just pop in here to read my fool nonsense. I'm just tickled to death that you do!

Wishing all of you guys a glorious fall Sunday!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

600! I said 600!!!!

A couple of days ago I was checking on my blog stats &
I realized that I just recently composed my
600th blog entry 
for Crafty Southern Mama!!!

(insert fake trumpet noises)
(& fake stadium fan sounds)

I immediately thought,
I need to do something special on my blog...

and then...
a squirrel...

brilliant thought,
gone. ;)

I've been working on a couple of other blog entries this week &
finally had a minute to sit down at the computer & crank them out...

when I noticed that my
Crafty Southern Mama Facebook page
now has 600 likes!!!

(insert more fake trumpet noises)
(& more fake stadium fan sounds)
It is DEFINITELY time for something special!!

In honor of the big 600 on the blog AND on Facebook,
I am giving away a $50 gift card to my most beloved,
most favorite shopping haunt...

TJ Maxx/Homegoods!!!

((last time, I promise))

(insert a few more fake trumpet noises)
(& just few more fake stadium fan sounds)
To enter to win this delightful treat,
please leave a comment right here on this post.

I shall not require that you like Crafty Southern Mama on Facebook,
but I would be tickled if you did.

Leave a comment & you're entered,
just like that.

The winner of the $50 TJ Maxx/Homegoods Gift Card
will be announced on Saturday morning
(before noon)
right here on the blog.

Thank you sweet blogging friends for sharing this fun adventure with me.
I have met some wonderful people through this blog,
I consider each of you a treasure. ♥

Wishing y'all the most wonderful of Wednesdays!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Epic!...the AWESOME Kids Book App

I am going to grab you at hello...
THIS APP IS FREE to teachers
& school librarians!!!

I am always looking for new ways to get Evan excited about reading.
Oh, how I love to read!!!
His dyslexia is so severe, 
reading is tortue to him.
Bless his heart, he LABORS...

This year in 2nd grade,
Accelerated Reader is a BIG part of his classroom routine.

I personally can imagine his dread.
It reminds me of a sleepover where everyone
wants to play that game where you sit in a circle &
whisper something to the person next to you,
then see if the story is the same by the time the last person hears it.

Oh, my goodness...
I HATED that game!
It is completely impossible & horribly embarrasing 
to play if you cannot hear!

I imagine there is no glory in Accelerated Reader 
if you cannot read well either.

I ran up on this app called Epic!
It was described as being 
"the netflix of children's books"...
an "all you can read ebook buffet"...
I just HAD to check it out!

Did I happen to mention that
this app is FREE for teachers &
school librarians!!!!
(I want to shout that from a rooftop!!!)

It is free the first month for parents, 
but costs $4.99 a month every month after...
cancel your subscription at any time.

The first few times,
Evan was eh...
but last night he ran up on some book titles that interested him.
We read THREE when we were just planning to 
read a quick one.

The app is divided into age categories,
so he can find books on his reading level easily.
Or we can read a chapter book together.

He was tickled to death to find that the app will 
reward you with points for pages read,
open "badges" for trying a new story type.
Every reader has their own profile page,
that is seen only by the reader (it is not a social network site).

After reading last night,
Mr Book Nerd took some time to personalize his...
and add some books to his favorites list for later.
(His obsession with Koalas....crack me up)

it's a pretty cool app!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that E continues to love it!

If you have a big reader at your house
or want to try & turn your little darling into one...

OR you are a teacher or a school librarian & 
can get it FOR FREE!!!!!

I highly recommend you check this one out! ;)

I hope your evening is as gorgeous as it is here in middle Tennesse!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maverick's Top ONE First Birthday Party...

Oh, I die...

my sweet friend, Allison threw the
cutest little first birthday party
for her son that I have EVER seen!

I just had to share it with my blogging friends,
it made my whole day!  ♥

The precious little birthday boy's name is Maverick.


You know where this is going...
buckle up, friends &
follow me into


 Now, have you ever!!

Mav, of course has an adorable co-pilot...
his gorgeous big sister, aka:
Goose! ;)

Are they not the sweetest pair!


Thank you, Allison for letting me borrow these pictures to share.
You have a beautiful little family!

Allison claims that her friend Casey deserves all the party planning might remember me sharing Sweet Lolly Jo's party awhile back. Casey really does need to get into the party business, don't you think! ♥

Allison has a photography business:

if you're local, give her a call...
she does beautiful work.

And every perfect party needs printed supplies...

I simply adore all of these!

Give Monica Alsup a shout over at APlus on the Lebanon Square,
if you can think it up,
she will print it up! ;)

It is SO pretty today!!
Let's get off the computer & get outside!!
((but I am so glad that you stopped by)) :)

Wishing y'all the most glorious fall day!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Glazing Pumpkins...Fall Decorating (part 1)

Ah, fall!

We had some seriously fabulous 
Fall weather last week,
we're talking "rock the shorts & a sweatshirt" weather!
My fave!!!

All week long I daydreamed about the weekend &
making the FIRST pot of chili of the season!!!!!

My daydream came to a screeching hault on Thursday night
when I noticed that the high for Saturday was 87...


The littles & I got out this morning on a mission...

& some fall cabbage

First stop, to viist our friends at Mitchell Farms...

Oh, heavenly goodness!

We made off with a car load of beautiful white & bright orange pumpkins!

Then we hit our local farmer's market for a few more goodies, 
fresh peaches & some tomatoes. 
I could seriously go crazy at the farmers market, 
all that fresh goodness...yum!!!

Then we popped in Home Depot for some glaze, glitter &....
I forget what else.
Evan & Olivia started scrapping as soon as we pulled in the parking lot.
I completley forgot why we were even there!

I made it home with some glaze & glitter spray...

I will get back after whatever fall decorating 
nibbles that I had in my head sometime this week 
((while those rats are at school)).
Oh, my goodness...
they drive me crazy the way they fight!

Well, it's early in the decorating season
so I decided to give these live pumpkins a good coating
of glaze sealer to (hopefully) keep them from rotting too quick.

We shall see...

This post is fall decorating, part 1.
I'll be back to share my porches as soon as I get them done.
((& they need some TLC seriously!))

In other news...
I just sent this sweet little baby high chair home...

I adore little baby high chair's owner...
I do not adore spindles.
The end. ;)

Annie Sloan Provence, Glaze & a nice coat of Shellac...
This one is ready for any baby food mess now!

(& yes that is paint on my concrete...compliments of one of our darling children)

Next on my painting schedule...

Shew, gotta get out my stepping stool for this one!
It is going to be gorgeous!!


Sneaky E is clean & in his jammies,
all ready to snuggle with his mama.
I'm going to go watch a movie with my lil man.

(I found this fruity picture of me the other day,
I have to toss it in here...) ;)

I'll be back to share the cutest
first birthday party theme that I have ever seen!

Wishing y'all the most lovely fall weekend!



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