Saturday, September 20, 2014

Glazing Pumpkins...Fall Decorating (part 1)

Ah, fall!

We had some seriously fabulous 
Fall weather last week,
we're talking "rock the shorts & a sweatshirt" weather!
My fave!!!

All week long I daydreamed about the weekend &
making the FIRST pot of chili of the season!!!!!

My daydream came to a screeching hault on Thursday night
when I noticed that the high for Saturday was 87...


The littles & I got out this morning on a mission...

& some fall cabbage

First stop, to viist our friends at Mitchell Farms...

Oh, heavenly goodness!

We made off with a car load of beautiful white & bright orange pumpkins!

Then we hit our local farmer's market for a few more goodies, 
fresh peaches & some tomatoes. 
I could seriously go crazy at the farmers market, 
all that fresh goodness...yum!!!

Then we popped in Home Depot for some glaze, glitter &....
I forget what else.
Evan & Olivia started scrapping as soon as we pulled in the parking lot.
I completley forgot why we were even there!

I made it home with some glaze & glitter spray...

I will get back after whatever fall decorating 
nibbles that I had in my head sometime this week 
((while those rats are at school)).
Oh, my goodness...
they drive me crazy the way they fight!

Well, it's early in the decorating season
so I decided to give these live pumpkins a good coating
of glaze sealer to (hopefully) keep them from rotting too quick.

We shall see...

This post is fall decorating, part 1.
I'll be back to share my porches as soon as I get them done.
((& they need some TLC seriously!))

In other news...
I just sent this sweet little baby high chair home...

I adore little baby high chair's owner...
I do not adore spindles.
The end. ;)

Annie Sloan Provence, Glaze & a nice coat of Shellac...
This one is ready for any baby food mess now!

(& yes that is paint on my concrete...compliments of one of our darling children)

Next on my painting schedule...

Shew, gotta get out my stepping stool for this one!
It is going to be gorgeous!!


Sneaky E is clean & in his jammies,
all ready to snuggle with his mama.
I'm going to go watch a movie with my lil man.

(I found this fruity picture of me the other day,
I have to toss it in here...) ;)

I'll be back to share the cutest
first birthday party theme that I have ever seen!

Wishing y'all the most lovely fall weekend!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dressing Mama's Men...Paul Fredrick Coupon

I was recently contacted by my friends at
Paul Fredrick Menswear

about sharing a special coupon code with my blog readers.

I think they noticed that Big O
is definitely looking more like a man,
than a child...
(even though he is for sure a man/child).

I was needing to get him a sports coat &
P Daddy always likes to dress up when he
goes to teach his little class.

Paul Fredrick offers dressy and business casual menswear, as well as cufflinks, shoes, socks, belts, suspenders, and ties.

Here are a few of Big O & P Daddy's faves:

Italian Wool Solid Two-Button Peak Lapel Suit

Wool Flannel Windowpane Flat Front Pants

100% Silk Embroidered Short Sleeve Camp Shirt

(Big O's fave, ha)

100% Cotton Notch Lapel Vest

Wool Three-Button Notch Lapel Windowpane Sport Coat

They have some really high quality pieces!

& I do love their blog,
especially the entry where
they've showed you ways to style your man...
like Leo


Hop over to Paul Fredrick and get your guy styled up for fall.
Use the code EDU15D when you check out. The discount will take 20% off a purchase of $150 or more and will also be available year round (& right now they are offering FREE SHIPPING on a $100 purchase as well).

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big O...Big Weekend...

A brief proud mama rant ahead...

I try really hard to keep my mouth shut 
around the house about Big O lately.

I'm really, really proud of him these days & 
where my adorable middle child loves her brother to the moon & back...
she's been showing signs of being bitten by the green eyed monster.


Since I'm pretty sure she does not read my blog 
& I'm chomping at the bit to brag on this boy...
I thought I'd get over here & 
share some Big O love with my blogging pals. ;)

First of all, 
he's just adorable...
in a wonderful, novelty, Clifford the Big Red dog kinda way.

The poor darling reminds me of a Great Dane...
completely enormous on the outside,
but is really like a chihuahua on the inside.

Sneaky E LOVES his Big O!

He seems large to me,
I can't imagine how big he must seem to Evan!

I must brag on this giant child.

He brought home his progress report from school...
All A's & B's...
Honors English, Honors Spanish2, Honors Geomety & Chemistry are all on his plate. 
Happiness makes you work harder, I guess.

He is loving football,
even though their team is young & they are struggling this season...
they're all heart & they make me so proud!

(Big O is in the white jersey)
((this is one of approximately 20 tackles he made in last night's game))

Last night we drove 90 minutes to watch him play ball.
Then 90 minutes home...
We all got in the bed after midnight...

Thought we would all die having to get up at 6:30 for Sherry's Run...
this mama is just too old for that staying out late mess,
I felt like a train had run me over & decided to just walk the 5K with my littles.
(& I use the term littles loosely here since clearly there is only one of them left now)

I didn't even wake Big O up when I left because 
I knew he would be worn out from that ballgame...

I could not believe my eyes when I saw THIS

He RAN the 5K in 24:10 this morning & made it look like a breezy stroll..
this boy's work ethic never stops impressing me!

I must say, it sure is good to see someone young & 
healthy taking full advantage of God's wonderful gifts!

I do love this darling, giant man child...
these days I feel so, so blessed to be a part of his life. 

A mama just had to brag for a minute. ;)

Love you, Big O!!

Wishing y'all the most divine September weekend!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Foget...

I will never, ever forget that day...
just a mere two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with Olivia...
just a mere two weeks after P Daddy officially joined the United States Air Force dentist residency...
just a mere million hours (it seemed like) before we heard that my sister was safely evacuated in Washinton, DC.

Please join me in praying for the victims and the families today.
& Never forget!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Tale of Two (FREE) Shelves...

Over the past few months my sister 
has started using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I think I shared a little dresser that she did when she
was visiting this summer. 

It turned out great & 
left her hungry to paint more! ;)

A few weeks ago a friend of hers was giving away 
these two knotty pine shelves...

Oh, my gosh...
is she a lucky duck or what?!?!

She immediately broke out a can of Duck Egg Blue 
& got after them!

She has two boys...
her painting time is scarce. 
Her ANYTHING time is scarce!

A little nap time painting here,

a little nap time painting there...

and pretty soon she had one (clear) waxed & 
ready to move into her living room...

Pretty big difference!

Here's the first one all cozy in her living room.
I'm not sure if the other one is going to be its twin or not.

I'll keep you posted. ;)
I do love a FREE piece of furniture!

Great job, Kim!
This looks gorgeous!!


September is running, 
full steam ahead!

High School football in full swing,
middle school volleyball on the verge of winding down
& pee wee football getting ready to take off!

At the rate we're going, 
it'll be time to put up the Christmas tree before I know it!

I've slowly started making some little changes around the house.
I love to "redecorate" using things I already have.
I'll try & share some pictures...
a few little changes go a long way!

And then there's me living with these snarky kids...

I do love them anyway though. ;)

I'll be back to tell you about a new product that I love...

and what all I've been doing with it!!

Wishing y'all the most wonderful (fall y'all) Wednesday! :)


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Operation Lunchbox...Uncrustables Frozen Sandwiches

We are closing in on the end of 
the fourth week of school here!
I can hardly believe it!

My children have taken their lunch
to school EVERY day too!
I can hardly believe that either!!

I've been hot & heavy keeping my pantry lunchbox stocked!
(secret pantry that is, the little rats never think to look in kitchen closet under the stairs)
((wicked laugh....bahaha)) ;)

At the grocery E has begged me to buy these nasty
Smucker's Uncrustable Sandwiches in the freezer section.

I'm sorry, people...
These are just not good for you,
sooooo much sugar &
added junk.

I hunted around & found a way to make my own on Pinterest 
(of course).
But I forgot to pin the source!!
(of course)

I made a few of these & put them in the freezer
(because my life revolves around food I can freeze, it's genetic).

By lunch time they are thawed perfectly...
but still cool, not soggy.

That night the peeps were quick to let me know how they were...

Big O said those ham sandwiches were the best he'd ever had!

Miss O said that was the yummiest pb&j EVER!!

Sneaky E said "don't ever put those in my lunchbox again"

Two outta three...

So, I thought I would quickly share 
the making of 
lunch box uncrustable sandwhiches 
right here in P Mama's Kitchen.

Here are the things we used this week...

Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread
Boar's Head Ham (my kids like it shaved, falling apart)
Sliced American Cheese
All Fruit brand, Strawberry Jelly
Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter (see, I don't hate Smucker's) 
& sharpie for labeling 
foil for freezing

I started off laying out my sandwich bottoms and measuring with my Pampered Chef cutter gently pressing down to leave a circle imprint (because sometimes my kids help me & this keeps food from being cut off & wasted).

Then, I added my sandwich ingredients to each circle spot
(seriously, nothing fancy).

I just used a half a piece of cheese for each one, 
that's plenty since the circle is smaller than a normal sandwich.

Then I put the sandwich tops on & pressed my cutter down to seal the edges.

Sometimes they are beautiful & seal all the way around,
sometimes they just look ugly & don't.
(you get what you get & you don't throw a fit)

Sometimes I keep the crusts to use later to make croutons.

(yeah, right)
((I do aspire though))

Most of the time I toss them to the birds &
maybe share one or two with my vicious attack dogs.

I wrapped each one in foil, 
labeled them with a sharpie...
maybe drew a heart on there too...
gotta let them know mama loves. :)

Then, packed them in my freezer door,
ready for a lovely week at school!
The picture above is Big O's sandwhich pile for the week...
that kid is eating me out of the house!!!

I don't always cut off Big O's crusts, but how can I not!?! Nothing says "Mama's Boy" quite like my giant, tenth grade son nibbling on a crustless fancy lil sammich in the high school cafeteria. ;)

In the morning, I grab these out of the door when I pack lunches.
I make Sneaky E one FRESH, of course...
that rotten little monster! 

Oh, speaking of school...
my little nephews got off to pre-school this week.
I die!
They are so cute, 
I just want to put kisses all over their little faces!!

And, a friend of mine shared this picture from her daughter's homework
that I could not help but share....
I laughed out loud (to be honest)!!

Too funny!

Well, I've got to get these little darlings ready for bed. 
Friday is coming for us,
softball try outs...


Wishing y'all dreams of high school football, college football & pro...
it's finally Football Time in Tennessee!!!



Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Nibbles...

I just realized that it's August 24th...
Labor Day weekend is upon us!
Summer is OVER!!!

Let's get caught up, shall we?
Here are a few nibbles from the P House this month...


I've taken on a commissioned job to paint a cutie kitchen...
I don't normally do cabinets, but this is a small job & how on earth could I walk away from an opportunity to paint kitchen cabinets in Provence blue!?!?

I swoon!!


My little chickens have gotten off to school!

10th grade, 7th grade & 2nd grade...
seriously, how did that happen!?!

(& yes, I sobbed like a baby watching Big O DRIVE OFF to school for the first time...stab mama in the heart a dozen times, why don't ya!)


The Sneaky E Dyslexia Adventure has taken a turn...
but it deserves its own post.

Good things are happening in that department!


So, I might have mentioned...
Our kids are attending PUBLIC SCHOOL this year.
(We have exceptional public schools & teachers here, we are very fortunate.)

Yes, we thought private school has just gotten too expensive.
(newsflash, college is coming at
No, none of our kids were kicked out of private school. (really now, people)
Yes, it was mostly our kid's decision to make this change ((& they are in there gettin' after it))!

& No, we do not regret our decision.

(cough, cough) ;)

Moving on...


I per-ordered this book...
I comes out in October!

I absolutely loved Rhett Butler's People, I have not a doubt that this one will be just as good!
(did I mention that Mammy is my hero???)
((I can't wait to read it))


Big O played in his first real VARSITY football game Friday night...
My nerves were so tore up, I didn't eat a bite all day long!!!

This boy...
Oh, how I love him!!


Speaking of football...
I am about to DIE for real football season to begin!!

We stay so busy through the week,
nothing makes me happier than Saturday
snuggling with my people,
in the recliner,
watching college football!!!


The Ice Bucket Challenge...

I am all about helping people & donating to charity...
I've been known to donate clothing to school children & slip cash into the pockets!
I am all about helping others! 

I, in no way mean to be disrespectful to anyone who has done this challenge, I think it's amazing how much money has been raised for this cause!

However, I'm going nicely say that I would like to challenge Americans:
to do a dance,
jump in the pool with clothes on,
kiss a monkey,
or something...

Just please stop wasting water. 
((I know, every party has a pooper...))

I noticed someone on Facebook this weekend saying they were going to CALL OUT the people who had ignored their challenge.

Things to consider:
Not everyone has money to donate.
Shaming someone publicly is (bullying) not cool.
The end.


I got football on the brain right now...
did I mention that? ;)


Can I just share how darling my daddy was this past Friday night?

Headed out to cheer for his grandson, who is a third generation Blue Devil.
Daddy has on a polo that has been hiding in the back of his closet for 20 years!

P Daddy & I teased him about the embroidery on the breast...
shirt so old, it might been done by hand!! LOL

Ah, good times ahead for our family...
love me some Blue Devil Pride!

I guess I'd better go help Miss O.
We (& when I say we, I mean ME)
painted her bedroom,
ripped out her closet,
painted that,
put in a new closet system...

NOW we are getting ready for the floor guys
to come in the morning & put down some hardwood.

You can imagine the dread.
OMGosh, it's a mess up there!!
(hold me!!!)

Wishing y'all a blessed, beautiful Sunday!
I'll be back to share a couple of finished paint jobs tomorrow.




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