Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On My Nightstand...Eugenia Price

I've been a reading fool the past few months!

Here's what's on my nightstand right now...

Eugenia Price, Savannah

I've had this book forever,
I picked it up at Goodwill for $1.50.

Goodreads sums it up as:

Few writers have earned a place in readers' hearts as dear as Eugenia Price. Her novels entice us into a vanished world, peopled by characters who immediacy makes their joy, sorrow, heartbreak, and soaring love something we can share and savor. Eugenia Price chose Savannah, Georgia as one of the most fascinating cities of the South, as the setting of a quartet of novels that follow the fortunes of the city and families that gave it life.

Orphaned Mark Browning was only twenty when he renounced his father's fortune and sailed to Savannah, his mother's birthplace...and the home of two remarkable women. The first is Eliza McQueen Mackay, his mentor's beautiful wife, whom Mark loves with a deep, pure love that can never be spoken. The other is lovely young Caroline Cameron, whose life is blighted by a secret that has tormented her grandparents for half a century--a secret that affects Mark more closely than he imagines. Desiring one woman, loved by another Mark must confront the ghosts of a previous generation, and face the evil smoldering hate, before he can truly call Savannah his home.

Unfortunately for me,
this book is the beginning of a QUARTET series...
I've already uploaded the second book on my Nook!

I hope the next three are as good as this first one has been!

What are you reading right now?

We are headed to the gym for a good old fashioned butt kicking.
I've been taking a class this month called "Body By Will".
It's a one hour boot camp type class
that I can assure you I swore I would never be interested in doing!

I have no idea what possessed me...
I may do it every time he offers it now,
just plain MISERABLE...
but I am really feeling awesome & STRONGER!
I love/hate it! ;)

Wishing y'all a fab Tuesday!
I'll be back to share my latest two painting jobs...
whew, they were monsters!!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Dressing Mama...Summer in Lilly

I have always loved Lilly Pulitzer...

it is timeless style
and nothing says SUMMER to me
quite like her happy, bright colors!

If I had my way,
our entire house would look like this:

(yes, definitely) ;)

I love Lilly all year, but I'm nearly love sick over her things in the summer.

Thank goodness it is SO EXPENSIVE,
otherwise I would go crazy!

I've splurged on ONE Lilly dress in my lifetime...
(still one of my most favorite pieces in my closet)

everything else I have has been purchased
(often) second hand,
on ebay.

Y'all know me better than that! ;)

This year, I wore an eBay find to our fund raiser...
I snagged it NEW WITH TAGS (($268, it said...cough)),
I got it for $80 & free shipping.
(oh, how I love eBay)

It has pockets, did I mention that!?!
I die!

Anyway, this summer I've snagged a couple of really cute
Lilly Pulitzer summer tops on eBay (cheaply, of course) &
I've just had the best time hunting over there for things in my size.
Her pieces are happy & make me feel pretty
& those are the best kind,
don't you think? ;)

While I was looking for something else entirely
(I'm sure I've never said that before),
I happened upon a gold mine of CUTE
Lilly inspired goodness on Etsy!

Some of these things were just so darling,
(and dog-gone affordable)
I wanted to share them with you guys.
(and sharing here is much cheaper, I'm sure P Daddy will approve).

I am crazy about this:

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Market Tote, $15.99...

so sassy!!!



A Jellies Be Jammin Steering Wheel Cover...
my kids would be horrified!
I totally want one!!! ;)
So cute & just $23.95:

Now, I love the title on this listing...
raw honesty! ;)

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired She's A Firecracker Fake Hand Painted Jack Rogers Sandals

 These are $53, gorgeous detail!

Lilly inspired racer back tank, $28
(looks so amazingly soft, I want to wear one right now)

Lilly inspired PJ Shorts, $18.50
(I may or may not have ordered myself a pair...don't tell on me)

Sass, oh sass!
I wish wasn't an old lady,
I would wear a bow bracelet every day!

This cutie is just $17:

Lilly print Monogrammed Charger Decals,
two for $11.
These are darling!!

I NEED one (or three) of these!!! 
Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogramed Camelbak Water Bottle, $18

Lilly Inspired Iphone Case, $12.95 

These are SO pretty & would make a great gift!


 Monogrammed with Lilly fabric...FISHING SHIRT!

Awesome way to spiff up your fishing trip or pool day, $50!


Or a Lilly print front license plate, $15.99...
these are so pretty!

I am seriously thinking about ordering one of these...
Comfort Colors Pocket Tee with Circle Monogram, $26.
These are the cutest & that brand is AWESOME quality!

Or a TANK TOP, $23...
decisions, decisions... ;)

I had better stop there...
I would love to have them all! ;)

Have you seen any cute ones,
please share!!

I've got to go read with Sneaky E,
the rat is all about some Berenstain Bears lately...
gotta love it! :)

Wishing you all the most wonderful Monday evening &
a very fabulous week!



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Pine Secretary in Duck Egg Blue

I've been a paiting fool these past few weeks!

Here's one I just finished &
wanted to share real quick.

The little pine secretary...
bless her...
the only thing missing was some stenciled country cows.

We had a few pieces similar to this one
when I was growing up in the 80's...
think mauve, blue country cow wallpaper & border.

This really is a nice, functional piece of furniture.
She just needed to be updated.

So, I got after her with some Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue...


And finished her off with some Annie Sloan Dark Wax...
(wipe on, wipe off....repeat)

and she is one sassy girl,
ready to head home!

Even I was suprised at how nice it turned out
(I was also surpised to learn that I apparently am allergic to RAW PINE WOOD, wahhh).

Remember that outdoor chalk board I whipped up for the kids?
It has been the perfect spot for Olivia & Evan to swap messages with the neighbor boys & play tic-tac-toe! I love to tell Mr Dyslexia that he is not allowed to TELL me, he has to go write me a message on the board. Gotta keep him sharp somehow. ;)

My nephews are on their way over to swim...

I can't wait till this cubby arm gets here so I can put 45 kisses on it!
I love that rat!

Hope you are having a lovely day,
stop by again soon...
there are more painting adventures 
& fool nonsense to be shared!  :)



Monday, July 7, 2014

My Sister, Chalk Paint Rock Star!

Last month, my sissy came to town for a few days.
Her boys are PRIME little fish age,
2 & 4...
they tore the pool up!

This ended up being a blessing,
because all that swimming induced some serious nap time! ;)

My mother had been cleaning out some things out of the shed &
this little chest of drawers needed to go.

Kim saw it as a diamond in the rough
& decided to take on her first chalk paint adventure!

She was really pitiful.
(the chest, not Kim) ha!

She was originally a lovely redwood stain,
but "someone" disrespected her with cheap paint,
paper flowers & mod podge
about 15 years ago.
(cough...someone, might have been me...I'll never tell)

SANDING to the rescue!!

Kim got after it!

Now remember:
When you're using the chalk paint,
if you want to have your finished look go
all the way down to the original wood,
then you must first take it there with a sander
BEFORE you paint.

She decided to use Paris Grey on this piece
& I picked up a lovely wood stain for the top.

It turned out so pretty,
I just had to share &
brag on her hard work! ;)

And now it's right at home
with some new knobs...
in a busy little spot in her house.
Functional & interesting...
those are the best kind. :)

Way to go, Kim!

Have you been working on any painting projects?
I would REALLY love to see them!
Please share a link or
EMAIL some pictures directly to me
(I would love to share them on the blog).

I'm hopping up!
We are off to the boro for tutoring...
bless, sweet Sneaky E...
no rest for him this summer!

I'll be back to tell you about another paint project that I just completed (& how I seriously think I am allergic to raw pine wood...good gracious). I'll also be sharing some nibbles from the much needed Griswold family beach vacation. ;)

Happy Monday!!



Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Adventures...Phoenix Ball


Hello, friends!!

My goodness, it's been a fun & super busy summer here!
For the past two weeks my older kids have had NO SPORTS COMMITMENTS,
so we did some MAJOR hauling it out of town for a vacation! LOL

Earlier this month, P Daddy & I got dressed up to support our alma mater
at the Cumberland University Phoenix Ball.

Since I hardly ever get to dress up (or look this good) &
just couldn't pass up a chance to share. Ha!!

We were honored to sponsor the cocktail hour before dinner this year...

and P Daddy was over the moon that we were seated with THE MAN OF THE HOUR,
his beloved mentor and friend, Coach Woody Hunt.

After dinner, we got out & hung with the crazies!
We sure had fun with these sweet friends! :)

Even though this event falls smack in the middle of
the BUSIEST time for our family,
we look forward to it every year!

I'm up early this morning
(despite the fact that we were up late last night for 4th of July fest).
Getting old drives me crazy,
no matter what time I go to bed...
I'm wide awake at 6:30 EVERY morning!

I'm sneaking down to paint before everyone gets up.
I am working on several custom jobs right now
& cannot wait to share them with you!

I'm so glad you stopped by,
I hope you guys are having a wonderful,
restful summer!

Mwah! ♥


Friday, June 13, 2014

Tennessee Jr Vol Football Camp...

Summer is in FULL FORCE here!

Last week was FUN,
but it was a whipper!

We took off down the interstate EARLY
on Sunday to deliver Miss O to camp...
where she had an awesome time &
a stew of adventures! 

Or perhaps, Mis-adventures...
Ha, so classic!

After checking her in,
the boys & I headed up the interstate
to Knoxville for our own little adventure!

Big O & I teamed up to take Sneaky E to
enjoy is first experience as a Jr Vol Camper
at Butch Jones Football Camp at the University of TN.

Really now, these kids get to have all the fun!!

Big O has done this camp in the past,
but it was under Coach Dooley
& I just don't remember it being this fun.

Coach Jones & his staff,
they know how to do it! ;)

Oh, my word!!!
Evan was all about it
& we had so much fun watching him out there!

This little camp was two half days long.

We stayed & watched quite a bit
(because the weather was just absolutely divine)...

but Big O & I used this opportunity to get out
and make an "unofficial visit" to UT & tour the campus.
(& how on EARTH can I be old enough
to have a child looking at college!?!?!)

The University of TN campus is HUGE,
but after a couple of days wandering around...
it's just like anywhere else &
feels smaller once you figure out where you're going.

Because there is SO MUCH construction on campus right now,
we decided to WALK to the stadium
from our hotel on the first day of camp
(I mean, why not!?! It was only 3/4 of a mile...HILLS). ;)

It was fine (& mostly downhill) in the morning.
But after camp, poor Evan said his legs could not go...LOL!
Big O to the rescue!! ;)

I'm so glad that we ended up walking because
we cut through World's Fair Park on our way back to the hotel...

only since 1982
(yes folks, I said '82)
have I dreamed of going up in the Sunsphere!

It was quite a thrill (& free)!
You can see Neylan Stadium &
the river in this picture...the view was amazing!!
(& I did not throw up or pass out one time, ha)

We sure do appreciate Coach Butch Jones
& his staff offering this awesome fun Jr Vol opportunity...
Evan will be talking about it for months to come
& is already looking forward to going back next year!

If you're raising a VFL (Vol For Life)
or have a little guy who just loves football,
this camp experience comes highly recommended from us!

Go Big Orange!!!



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