Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quick December Post, Hello!! ❤️

Hi, friends!

I had a quick minute this morning & thought I would pop in here to say hello!

I have been shopping, baking, wrapping & also working quite a bit at my other job...December has been a busy one so far!

I hope you and your family are enjoying every minute of this magical month!

Have a blessed Wednesday!



Monday, November 23, 2015

Dear Santa {Mama's Christmas List}

Hello there, friends!!

Every year my family complains that I am somewhat (cough) "impossible to buy for" (cough)...

I can't figure out WHY they say this, since I share my Christmas wishes on the blog every year (with LINKS)...

I guess they are just not subscribers to Crafty Southern Mama...ha!

That's ok...they get to enjoy my rambling nonsense in person. ;)

Christmas would be SO MUCH easier if everyone would get on Facebook or a blog and share their wish list, don't you think?

Well, in case they do pop in here and read...

here are a few things on this Mama's Christmas list for 2015

& maybe this will give you guys some gift ideas for your own (cough) somewhat impossible to buy people for on your list. ;)

I am all out of my beloved Aveda is a wonderful treat!

Aveda 'Comforting' Tea Bags

I'm hoping that Santa will bring me a copy of Beth Moore's new book,

Or Jen Hatmaker's book,
For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

I have really started using Essential Oils more and would LOVE an oil diffuser!

I love this one that looks like wood, ((it's much less ugly than the ones I've seen on the Young Living & DoTerra sites & cheaper too)).

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

I love Lauren James long sleeve tees (medium).
They are so soft & sassy!

I've had my eye on these Tortoise colored Ray Bans for five forevers!
Nordstrom is price matching right now, so you can snag them at 20% off!!

Men's Ray-Ban 'New Wayfarer' 55mm Sunglasses - Tortoise

I fell in love with these knit pajamas at Target the other day, they're Nick & Nora brand.
((KNIT, not flannel...whew, too hot))

They're so soft & comfy...I love pajamas...LOVE!!!

I keep going back & looking at this special value Estee Lauder get SOOOOOO much stuff & such a great price! I would LOVE one of these!

Product Image

I could use a new cap, since a certain high school boy I know has stolen all of mine...ahem.
(use the code EARLYFRIDAY this week to get 25% off at Country Club Prep)

I love Christmas decorations...

these Pottery Barn pillows....

Painted Santa Claus Pillow CoverMerry Christmas Pillow Cover

or any of their Santa dinnerware or napkins....
oh, those are so happy!!!

and I would love a new jacket!

I have worn out my gray Patagonia Better Sweater is my favorite!!
This Blue one in a size Medium would tickle me to death!

Women's Patagonia 'Better Sweater' Button Front Shirred Coat

I really & truly do not need a thing,

To be honest...
I'd much rather have my little family gathered for a meal at the dinner table a couple of nights a week and a date night with my hubby every once & a while...

the older I get,
those are the things that really mean more to me than anything else.

But if you're feeling all gifty, then this list is for you...
(but don't forget to let ME know what you really want too). ;)

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Tomorrow we are talking about COOKIES!
Get ready, baking buddies!!

Have a beautiful Monday!!



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Divine Pantry Inspiration {with Burge Custom Builders}

Hi, friends!

I love an organized pantry!!

With a busy family,
food has to happen FAST at my house...

AND it can get pretty stressful making sure that everyone is eating something healthy!

There is just nothing else quite like the CALM feeling of everything being in place & being easy to find when you're in a hustle to make a meal happen!

It seems like I've been pinning pantry ideas for five forevers trying to figure out how to efficiently utilize the space that we have in our house.

At first I thought I wanted to rip the door off & just make it an extension of our kitchen cabinets, similar to a butler's pantry.

Pin Source

 I also considered going with more of a Restoration Hardware vibe using raw wood and pipe.

Two of my most favorite books and two amazing signed book giveaways! - The Enchanted Home:
Pin Source

That is a really cool look,

but the more I thought it over I found myself returning again & again to a very light, bright pantry style with a stained wood faux counter top.

organized pantry // Organizing Spotlight: Neat Method // Arianna Belle Blog:
Pin Source

Earlier this year...we had a couple of different contractors come out and measure to give us estimates on the pantry, but we just couldn't make up our mind about exactly what we wanted going on in there. So, we put the idea on the shelf until the BOLT of inspiration hit.

And, eventually it did!

Today, I am going to share with you guys the Burge Builders custom pantry that sparked inspiration for our new pantry project (that our builder friend and awesome neighbor, Brad Chessor built for our home)!

I am ALSO VERY EXCITED that this is the first of MANY projects that I will be sharing from Burge Builders and Bradley Custom Homes. I love seeing their finished work & I am tickled to death to share some of their amazing projects here on the blog. I'm working on adding a drop menu up there under my blog header so that you can find these projects easily whenever I blog about them.

Well morning after the kids got back in school, I dropped by my friend Lynda's for a little coffee, a chat & a tour of their beautiful new home!

Jamie & Lynda Burge are the owners of Burge Builders and specialize quality, custom home designs. Their previous home (also built by Jamie) was absolutely incredible and I have been dying to get over there and see all the finished details in their new home!!

Almost immediately upon walking in the door, I was hit by that BOLT of pantry inspiration I had been waiting for!

Lynda's finished pantry was EXACTLY what I had pictured in my mind!

Here's a peek...

When I saw that corner area in there, I KNEW exactly what our awkward little pantry needed! 

Jamie installed a few of these custom made sliding barn doors all over the house, they're fabulous! 

I became even MORE excited about this inspiration when I saw her other little pantry which consisted of an entire WALL of shallow shelves...perfect for CANNED GOODS & OTHER SMALL ITEMS!


I am so grateful to Lynda & Jamie for allowing us to use their pantry for inspiration & even more grateful that Brad had an opening in his schedule this fall and used these pictures to build us the custom pantry of our dreams!

Brad has ONE MORE THING to do on our pantry, removing the Jolly Green Giant door and replacing it with a smaller door with a glass transom (I'll share an update when that gets installed later this month).

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit today. It has been the happiest thing having this mess of a pantry whipped into shape (mwah, mwah, mwah...I kiss my pantry everyday, I love it so much)! 

(I'm kidding)

(Maybe) ❤️

I've got to get back to trying not to look so ugly at the Beauty Boutique Store & Spa!
God bless sweet Laura Beth & her hair magic! ❤️

Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends!



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful for Thanksgiving {Lovely Words & Printables}

Good morning, friends!

I started working on this post on Monday.
Suddenly, it's THURSDAY!
Holy cow!

I hope this week has been awesome and super productive for you guys!

I've been working around the house this week getting my dusting done and furniture moved around for the Christmas tree (you can read about my feelings on NECESSARY premature Christmas decorating here, no need to repeat myself about that). ;)

I love Thanksgiving, but since we don't host anything here I love to go ahead and get the house completely decorated for the holidays so that the Sunday after Thanksgiving all we have left to do around here is go hunt for the perfect family tree!

I absolutely LOVE to roll into December ready to ENJOY myself and the holidays (instead of frantically trying to decorate on top of making lists, shop, wrap, hide gifts, plan parties, help at school, etc., etc. and do everything else).

Next to freezing five hundred bologna sandwiches, decorating before the bird has been the smartest thing I ever started doing around here & it makes me like everyone more and be SUPER THANKFUL ((to have everything done))! ;)

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching,
I wanted to share a few Thankful themed printables that I have found on Pinterest.

I love to add a pretty framed quote or make my own chalkboard art for decorating! These darlings would be so pretty to add to your Turkey Day table décor!

Some of these are free and some of them you can purchase the file for a few dollars (like through Etsy) and print at home (or if you're local, email it to Monica at APlus on the Square and she will print it up all fancy like for you).

Here are a few lovely words and nibbles that I have found recently:

Thanksgiving Printable, Give Thanks in everything chalkboard art print, bible verse print:
Pin Source

gratitude- this is so very true and what I live by- quit griping people and suck it up!!!! God bless you today! :):
Pin Source

I love these hand lettered prints, I WISH my handwriting was pretty like this!
Learning hand lettering and calligraphy is on my list of goals for 2016!

Give Thanks Free Printable | Hearts & Sharts:
Pin Source
Live a Grateful Life - Psalm 136:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. -
Pin Source

Give thanks to The Lord:
Pin Source

Fall/Thanksgiving Mantel Decor + Free Doxology Printable @Alex Jones Leichtman Wirth and @Brandon Wirth:
Pin Source

Those are very pretty, but you might also consider a few printables to attract the attention of your short guests too.

I found these cuties for the little darlings at the Kiddie Table...
ah the Kiddie Table, those were good times! ;)

I strongly suggest your get out a basket & require the darlings to toss their phone in on their way to sit down. Let them spend some time together at the table enjoying some good old fashioned CONVERSTATION!

My cousins and I used to LOVE Mad Libs!
I have the fondest memories of belly laughs and howling with laughter from reading the silly stories we made up using our very favorite adjectives, verbs & nouns (nerd alert, ha)!

Free Thanksgiving Mad Lib Printable From How Does She:

I'm not a huge fan of Bingo, but I AM a fan of chocolate so if you got that involved I would for sure sit down and play!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards for kids. Print them out for a Thanksgiving party or to play before dinner on the big day.:
Pin Source

These are probably more necessary than normal in this technology driven culture we are living in....conversation can do it, little Johnny...TALK about it, face to face! ;)

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Game Cards FREE Printable for Fall Fun!!:
Pin Source

Check out this majorly AWESOME giant printable for your kiddie table!!
I am completely in LOVE with this idea!!

Easy printable Thanksgiving table decor. Works great for kids' table AND for grown-ups too!:
Pin Source
That is super cool!

I made these for Evan's class last year and the year before, they are simple to make and the kids LOVE them! In my opinion, it's WRONG for any child to go through grade school and not know the delight of waving your Bugle covered fingertips in the air!

Bugle Cornucopias and a Thanksgiving Printable - Bugles and runts (gonna have to do this for the kids classes at church):
Pin Source

Aren't those great!

It's pretty amazing the ideas that you can find on Pinterest!

Hop over and visit my Thanksgiving Printable Pinterest Board to see more great Thankful and Wonderful ideas to use!

I'm going to hop over and start some laundry (glamour, that's how I roll).

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit today, friends!

Have a Fabulous Thankful Thursday!



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On My Nightstand {The Good, The Bad, & The Grace of God}

I just finished this book last night & wanted to recommend it to my blogging friends. The Good, The Bad & the Grace of God by Jep and Jessica Robertson. 

I read the Duck Dynasty family book a few years ago and really enjoyed that one! It was full of funny family stories and was very entertaining. 

When I saw this book at Sam's Club this summer, I picked it up because Jep & Jessica are a cute little couple and they are funny on the show. 

I thought this would be entertaining to read like the other one. 

Instead of funny family stories, this book is about marriage. 

This book is about raw honesty, it's about love, feelings, failures and forgiveness. 

But most of all, this book is about letting God be in control. 

I love to read a story that reminds me to give it all to God, especially my marriage.  

If you're a fan of the Robertson family, you will probably enjoy this book. I'm really glad I picked it up. ❤️

I bought four "new" books at Goodwill last week (such a great place to find cheap books, especially hardbacks). I'm trying to decide which one to read first. 

What's on your nightstand right now? 
I'd love to hear your recommendations. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit, friends!
Happy reading!



Monday, November 2, 2015

Motivation on Monday...{Social Media, the Thief of Joy}

Good Monday Morning, friends!

Today is a rare Monday that Olivia is out of school for a teacher in-service, but the boys are not so we are headed out to have a girl's day...

I think we might get started on Christmas shopping (but I can hardly wrap my mind around that because it seems like I just DID THAT...time sure is flying by!).

I've had some things on my mind for the past few weeks & wanted to pop in here to share a little motivation on this first Monday in November.

Earlier this year I decided to get off The Facebook, you might remember me blogging about it. Everything about it was just making me miserable & I am furious that I let that eat up my precious time and steal even one ounce of my joy!

Today, I want to encourage my sweet mama friends to not let social media steal your joy...

because it doesn't matter what others are doing,
it matters what YOU are doing!

For great motivation, health and fitness tips, check us out at: Follow us on Facebook at:
Pin Source

Being a mom is so hard, especially being a new mom with small children. It's very easy to let yourself compare your life to the life of someone else (or the life they want you to think they have) on Facebook. Compare & despair is a miserable feeling!

Not only do we find ourselves comparing, now people are so engaged in social media & SO enthralled by what everybody else is doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc...they have named a new mental disorder, FOMO.

The Fear of Missing Out
(I can't even...)

Partial definition from Wikipedia:

Fear of missing out or FoMO is "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent".[2] This social angst [3] is characterized by "a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing".[2]

FOMO - fear of missing out google definition anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. - have to use this in short story have someone say FOMO and someone reply "What?":
Pin Source

I have NOT ONE DOUBT that this is a real disorder, because the mind is a very powerful thing! Everyone wants to be liked, to belong and be important. Facebook gives people the platform to be whatever they want to be and for some people, maintaining that picture perfect life on social media entirely consumes their lives!

During the five months that I was disconnected from Facebook, I definitely noticed a difference in my life. I could tell a difference in my stress (anxiety) level, and I definitely could tell a difference in my PRODUCTIVITY level!

But then school started...

And with three kids at three different schools, it was just easier for me to keep up with what was going on & people sharing pictures of school events by checking Facebook.

I managed to avoid much of the toxic and negative personalities by using the HIDE button. (you might say I wore that hide button out...). But here I am...three months later, feeling the same way I felt about it before. Something about Facebook turns otherwise lovely people into strangers.

It's all still there...

The people who post 2-3 self exploiting selfies a day.
The people who rant relentlessly (usually without facts).
The people who post vague pity stories about how they've been done wrong so that the judgment mob will pick up their pitchforks & torches...

I have seen ugly comments posted that would have NEVER been "said" if people were communicating face to face and situations that could have been dissolved by simply discussing your feelings instead of blowing it out of proportion by sharing it with the whole world...


It's disheartening to me to think about my children growing up consumed by this social media driven culture and it also makes me sad to see young adults, newlyweds, new parents wasting their precious time on this earth wearing themselves out to keep up with the (ridiculous & unrealistic) Facebook Jones'...

So, today...on this first Monday in November.
The month devoted to counting your blessings and being Thankful...
I want to remind my sweet friends...
please do not waste a minute of your life
letting Facebook and social media steal your joy!

It IS a choice, I'm not talking about being happy all the time, but being finding joy in the hope that we have even when life is tough.:
Pin Source
Share with & enjoy your REAL FRIENDS on & off of social media, but do not let the things you see there make you feel unimportant or insecure. It doesn't matter what everybody else is doing, it matters what YOU are doing and I hope that you are focusing your talents on being the best YOU that you can be (because you're awesome!!).  ♥

I'm glad you stopped by to visit today.

Have a beautiful November Monday, friends!



Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just a Few Things...{October Ramblings}

Hey there, friends! 
Happy Halloween Day!!

We are saying goodbye to one of our favorite months this weekend! 

The time changes tonight, sadly. It always makes me want to curl up into a fetal position & suck my thumb when it is dark at 5pm...I loathe the time change!!

This past October has been a glorious one though, the weather has been incredible! I sure do hope it's been awesome at your house too! 

I have been a busy beaver here listing winter things on eBay. This makes my 13th year as a seller there, which is really hard for me to believe...

I started selling when we were in the Air Force as a thrifty way to recycle my kids' outgrown clothes (because you know, when they are little they need a new wardrobe every season...dressing three kids is a full time job!). I would sell them, then use that money in my Paypal to purchase new (gently used) clothes for the next season. This simple strategy saved us a TON of money back then!

Selling on eBay has come a LONG way since those days & I love how easy it is to do now...I can list items right on my phone!

Yesterday I stopped by an estate sale & picked up these beautiful gold rimmed dishes, all three for $6!

Somewhere along the way I started a little collection of these plates. They're not anything fancy, but I think they are so pretty. 

Right now I am obsessed with THIS Coconut Oil!

It's so amazing, I'm considering carrying a jar of it in my purse! 

I put it in my coffee (deliciousness), I wash my face with it, and I also use it for a moisturizer. One day I shall cook with it, if I'm ever home to cook again...

Local peeps, I found this jar at Publix. You can also snag some on
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 oz.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up on The Good Wife recently & I don't have a problem with that at all! 

Obviously I never recovered from the death of Denny Duquette...

If you haven't seen The Goodwife, you're missing out! It comes on Sunday's at 8 on's one of my favorite shows!

This child...
One day, this child will be grown & it will thrill me to death to drag this picture out to show anyone who will look at it! 
So precious!❤️

He is normally very fashion conscious & worried about his hair...he's very quirky, it's pure comedy! 

His dyslexia adventure continues to be an exciting story. This year in 3rd grade he's learning how to be a student who studies independently at home (which is very abstract & challenging for him). I was on pins & needles the whole first nine weeks anxious to see how he would do. We were so proud when he made the honor roll & was recognized for having a good attitude. (& he let me get a picture with him...#momwinning!!!) ❤️

I've really enjoyed having the house decorated for Halloween...

Last weekend my friend Carrie & I hosted a fun little party for our 8th graders...a good chunk of the class showed up, which was just awesome! 

P Daddy proudly helped me with the food table and was delighted that I used his tag line "Eat a Walker" in my Walking (Dead) Taco station. 
That man...
He cracks me up! 

Last night was the last home game of the season...sending me into a major panic fret because the "senior year" train is now tooting its horn & I am SO not ready for it!


I'm just going to try my best to plan ahead so we can enjoy every minute of that milestone in his life. We are so proud of that kid!

Well, I'm going to wrap it up here because it's almost time to get my costume on & embarrass my kids! #liveforit

I hope you guys have an awesome, not so scary Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!




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