Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheeky China Cabinet (in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue)

Now, that's a catchy title...
I've got to work on my titles. ;)

So sorry for the lack of blogging.
P Daddy & I have been warriors here getting this house ready to go on the market.

That whole story is one for another blog entry, 
(it's a good one, of course) ;)

Today I will just say that getting a house ready to sell is hard work...
BUT, it feels amazing to have things fixed & spiffed up (so it's all fine, even if it doesn't sell).

Anyway, about that cheeky china cabinet...

I have looked & LOOKED for a BEFORE picture to share.


this is about all I could come up with:

She used to be a plain brown china cabinet (until she met me). ;)
I found her on Craigslist last fall for $175.

(& that diamond table is for sale by the way, holler if your interested)
((look, a squirrel))

It took awhile to finish this one because my train jumped off the tracks repeatedly.

In between custom paint jobs and school bus driving I worked & worked on this cabinet using Annie Sloan French was just lovely!

took a piece of it up to the house to see how I liked it & realized that Annie Sloan French Linen is pretty much the same color of my WALLS downstairs & it looked ridiculously "matchy matchy"...well, darn it...back to the drawing board!

I still really love my kitchen chairs, so I decided to paint the china cabinet DUCK EGG blue and use the dark wax so that they could all be a happy little family. 

I wanted this piece to be crazy & rough...
completely different from all the other ((SAFE)) stuff in my house.

I think you will agree, 
this one indeed is crazy & quite roughed up...
I really love it!

I decided to leave the inside French Linen, so that my white dishes would stand out.

I pretty much had to paint EVERY INCH of this baby, inside AND out...
AND then go back over every bit of it with the dark wax!

It was kind of like childbirth...
so exhausting & miserable, 
it will probably take me three years to forget how NOT FUN it was!

(I'm serious...whew) ;)


But, I'm so, so tickled about it now that it's done...
hard work pays! ;)

(anyone need a product model, I can recommend you a cheap one) ;)

My original plan was to move "the beast" from the kitchen, into the main living room. However, "the beast" is exactly's a monster & P Daddy was not looking forward to moving it. When it came time to bring the china cabinet in, we decided to try it in the living room first...

and that is where she is going to stay (unless we move, cough).

This scruffed crazy china cabinet pulls my drapes full circle with the open room & "the beast" remains exactly where he is supposed to be complimenting the little kitchen chairs. Nothing matchy, I know my pal Sharae would be super proud of this decorating move (I miss you, friend).

That's all I got.

I'll be back with some random fool nonsense later...
I feel it coming on. Ha! 

Wishing y'all the WARMEST of beautiful, warm spring afternoons (because this 37 degrees on April 15th is making me want to say bad words).


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sneaky E turns EIGHT...

I can hardly believe it!
Evan turned 8 this past week.

He enjoyed an evening shopping with his "Gram-maw" at Target.
(gotta get his spoiling time in)

Then he enjoyed a morning out to breakfast with his dyslexia tutor, Ms Pat.
(clearly the dimple flashing pays off)

Our ballgames got rained out, so he enjoyed an evening at his favorite pizza place for dinner.
(because they have given him the wi-fi password & he can spell "pepperoni" by himself now)

THEN Friday after school we took five of his best friends to Holder Family Fun Center for two hours of LASER TAG & arcade games! If you're local, this is a super place...very clean! We got there at 4:30 & as we were leaving at 6:45 the evening bowlers were starting to arrive. We pretty much had the place to ourselves all afternoon!

I don't love this baby growing up on me...
but I sure do love his sweet personality & snuggly hugs...
I cannot imagine our family without his OCD quirkiness in it!

He may be having the craziest school year ever, but he is happy & healthy...
we are so incredibly blessed!

I love you, Evan...
you sneaky little rat! ;)


Are you sitting down?

I have some news!

((No, I am not pregnant!))

In addition to a rather exciting week of birthday festivities...

after a lot of praying & plotting...

P Daddy & I

have decided

that we are going to...

put our house on the market!

You're stunned,

I know...

Me too!

But I'm very excited!!!

More details coming soon...

wishing y'all a beautiful, blessed Sunday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweet Brother & Sister Twin Beds...

I started working on these sweet beds before Christmas
& FINALLY got a warm enough day last month to
get down in the garage to finish them up.

They were both originally some version of white...

I wanted to share these two real quick,
they look so cute in their new brother & sister bedrooms!

Thank you, Melissa for the picture...
they both look darling!!

It's snowing here this morning...
I can't think of anything nice to say about that.

{Hiss, spit}

Wishing you a wonderful, warm Tuesday!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Things I Love {Right Now}...

I have been busy, busy painting down in the garage.
I have a couple of really cute finished projects to share &
one HUGE finished project [finally] ready to share!

Since Sneaky E has needed practically a whole new wardrobe for spring,
I've been doing a little sidebar shopping {for me} as well...

Here are five things I've run up on lately that I just LOVE!

1. The Miracurl Hair Curler...

I die!

When I got a trim last week, my stylist used this on my hair...
Happy birthday to me!
I had to take one home!

Here's my fro at Big O's party last week...

I did those curls all by my little self (insert applause here),
I was so proud! ;)

2. Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara...

Y'all know I'm always on the hunt for an awesome mascara!

I bought some clinique mascara (I forget which version) awhile back (because it was free gift time) & I originally considered buying this version {but the little sales girl had the most mangly, clumpy lashes & says "that's that I'm wearing now" & I just thought "well, I don't want that..."}

 (my granny would have said it out loud, I'm sure)

Anyway, this past weekend it was bonus time at Dillard's so I picked up a tube.
WHERE have you been all my life!?!?
This mascara & I...we are getting along mighty fine! ;)

3. Kut from the Kloth Katy Boyfriend Jeans...

I seriously must live under a rock,
I've never heard of this brand before until recently!

I have been looking for a sassy pair of boyfriend jeans to wear this spring.
I've been eyeballing this pair at Nordstorm:

but I just hate to spend $80...
on anything
(as Sneaky E always says "I really like things that cost $1"....see, that's me too)

I didn't find this pair for $1,
but I was still pretty tickled to find them at TJ Maxx for $29 last week!!
(the perks of driving the magic school bus to Murfreesboro)

The Katy Boyfriend is my friend, the end! ;)

4. Sam Edelman Gigi Leopard (Reow)

I don't have a pair of these...


But they are on my list!
They make my heart sing! ;)

5.Advocare Spark...

Folks, I am a converted woman!

I started drinking this Advocare Spark about three weeks ago, it is delicious & I feel fantastic!!

I am now down to one bland, quick cup of coffee when I wake up (instead of  THREE cups drowned heavily in coffee creamer), I'm probably shaving 400 calories out of my diet right there & a MEGA TON of sugar!

It comes in several flavors, so far Fruit Punch is my fave!

If you want to try some, give me a holler & I will get you a sample...
it is awesome, awesome!


So, there are a few quick things I love right now.
How about you?
What are you eyeballing & drooling over!?!?

I've got to get ready & take my car in to be serviced (more perks of driving the magic school busy to Murfreesboro, blah).

Have a fabulous Wednesday, friends!
I'll be back to share some paint projects later this week.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Big O Turns 16...

Lord, have mercy...

when I first started blogging,
my oldest child, Owen was in the 4th grade &
had just turned nine years old.

I have two kids with names that begin with O. I decided he would be Big O on the blog & Olivia would be Miss O...

I thought they deserved something fun, since I was planning to call the sneaky rat exactly what he was (Sneaky E) ha!

Back then, when I decided to call this kid Big O...

I had no idea just HOW BIG he was going to turn out to be!

((There's just something very wrong about your widdle baby having to bend his body like that to give you a you're well on your way to Munchkin land!))

 Here he is with Nana & Grandma.
Heck, we're all shrinking!

I will spare you all pages of mushy mush about this boy...

instead I will just say that our Big O is without a doubt,
growing up to be a man who loves the Lord,
a man with a kind, loving heart,
and a man who is a gentleman.

and he makes me proud.

I love you, Owen...
Happy 16th Birthday!

(Love, mommy) ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Antiquing a Perfectly Nice Chandelier...

I'm slowly finishing up on some paint projects that I started before the holidays (thank goodness these gals were in no hurry).

Right before Christmas I decided to take a break from painting (it was just a coincidence that I came down with that epic smoker's cough {otherwise known as allergies} that lasted for three full weeks)...nothing like barking & choking for nearly a month to help you remember to wear a MASK when you sand furniture from now on (live & learn, dummy).

Sadly, I've been "on break" ever since then....
It has either been way too cold to paint or I've been driving the magic school bus or at the doctor's office with a sick kid or wrapped up like a burrito in the recliner with my dogs trying to get warm...

Winter = Blah!

**I am currently not accepting any custom paint jobs, but you can email me and get your name put on the waiting list (which is currently out till early May, crazy...I know) & I'll be tickled to paint for you when I get caught up.**

I was THRILLED that the weather was warm enough this past week to work & finally got this gorgeous light fixture antiqued for my sweet pal, Linlee.

I was really dragging my feet working on this...
I do that when I'm scared.
It was already SO NICE...I was worried sick that I would mess it up!

She is planning to replace the ceiling fan in her bedroom with this chandy...

& her bedroom is already so incredibly gorgeous!
(baby steps, baby steps...)

This is the inspiration that she sent me...
chippy, rusted, sassy...

Oh, how I LOVE!!

I finally got brave & got after it!

I started out with a nice coat of spray paint.
Yes, spray paint!
(Rustoleum Heirloom White)
I wanted to completely cover that copper, but there was no way I was planning to invest HOURS into hand painting every nook & cranny on that thing!

After applying a light coat of the spray paint, then I painted it by hand with Annie Sloan French Linen. This was a pretty heavy coating, but not covering every square inch ("no time fo dat"). THEN I went back & applied a bit of a color that I hand mixed (I cannot remember exactly which colors I used, but it gave me a nice caramel shade), AND finally, I dabbed a bit of Annie Sloan Provence here & there (which is what is the color of Linlee's frame above her bed) and a dibbling of Annie Sloan Graphite.

All of that combined gave me this magical, gloriousness...
(& this is ususally where P Daddy comes by & gives me a compliment on my work & walks out shaking his head because he's not sure what on earth I am's all in the layers, honey) ;)

OK, after I let this dry overnight (because this paint dries more slowly when it is cold).
I got after it when my electric sander.
It's just faster...

I attacked it ever so gently...
roughing it here & there.

then went back & sanded the nooks by hand with a sanding block....
(blood sweat) ;)

Then I took a break...
ate some chocolate,
talked about my crazy life with Lil Smokey...

( his expression says it all..."you are definitely the Mayor  of Crazytowne")

Then I was ready to get down & dirty...
because the dark wax is dirty work! ;)

Normally, I apply & then wipe it down...
but I decided to apply directly & leave it to dry (mostly because I'm lazy & didn't feel like wiping it down...).

The result was exactly what I was hoping for; 
rusted & aged to perfection!

I'm so tickled with the result!
Annie Sloan Dark Wax is awesome &
works like magic to antique the paint!

It's pretty close to what she was looking for & I cannot wait to see it in the room!!
Thanks for trusting me with this one, Linlee!

Sneaky E is off on a field trip today, so I have time to get down the garage & finish up these darling beds for sweet new mama, Melissa. I know she is in full nesting mode & is anxious to get these bedrooms all finished up. These are going to be so cute in their new bedrooms!

**Please note that I will not be painting anymore beds. They look simple, but they're a lot of work & not very fun. I'm all about fun & not work, so beds & I cannot be friends anymore. The end.**

(however, I will be happy to TEACH YOU how to paint your own bed...just give me a holler).

And speaking of teaching...
Are you interested in learning how to paint & distress furniture yourself (as well as completely ruining your manicure)....

I'm planning to teach a painting class late this spring (late April or early May). 

Look for details very soon.
I would love for you to come!

I'm off to the garage.
Happy Tuesday, crafty friends!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Nibbles...

(tapping microphone)
Anyone here?


I'm so crazy sorry for the lack of blogging. 

February weather just completely fried my brain!  

It has either been absolutely freezing (NO snow though) or it was sublime, sunny & in the 60's. Today my head is so completely stopped up & full of snot I cannot hear a thing! 

Hot, cold, hot, poor sinuses are so confused!!

We've had it going on this month though, whew...busy beavers! ;)

Here's a few things...


I took Sneaky E & his BFF, Super Sam to see the Lego movie recently. 
Have you seen it? 
It was hilarious, I can't wait until it comes out on DVD to watch it again.

Evan & Sam have been best buds since wee Pre-K...
I love these two together, I hope they will always be friends!

Speaking of movies coming out on DVD 
(look, a squirrel...)
I cannot wait unil March 7th!
shall celebrate that glorious date by purchasing the new Hunger Games movie on DVD! 
This is one of my most favorite book series (yes, I'm still 15 on the inside) & it's one of those rare times that the movie is almost as good as the book...I highly recommend!


Miss O has been busy this month getting ready for softball season...
she's been taking hitting lessons for several months & is really fired up! I had to buy her a NEW BAT a couple of weeks ago because she snapped her old one in half hitting so hard in practice! Way to get after it, Miss O!!!

She & Big O went to Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago with our youth group.

She had a large time & brought home sweet little treats for her family, as well as some germs that left her in bed for most of last week (bless it). Thankfully, she's back in action & feeling better...meanwhile I am on a sidebar barking like a seal (germs, woof).


Big O has spent the majority of this month focusing his efforts on courting a new lady...ha. 

I am afraid that he is convinced that he will be getting a vehicle with a bow on top of it in three weeks when he turns 16 (stab me in the heart a hundred times, why don't you). I've tried to prepare him, cushion the blow...I don't think he believes me. 

Sorry, kid...earning a car builds so much more character than just receiving one as a gift. You'll thank us later...(I hope).


This past weekend we helped our neighbor surprise his wife (who is also one of my dearest friends) for her 40th birthday. I choose those words carefully, because I in NO WAY get credit for being hostess (other than providing location) was all her hubby & he did an awesome job!

Danielle is next to me in this pic (in the black shirt). She is one of those girls who gets prettier with every passing year...and is even more pretty on the inside. I love her to pieces!

Welcome to Club 40, friend! You make it look great!!


In other news...

Zulily is killing me this month!!

Darn them & their TOMS sale!

I snagged some of these for Big O & P Daddy...they'll be so spiffy this spring!

Do you like their shoes? 
Miss O's foot is wide, so she won't wear them...
Mr Picky Britches, Evan will not touch them either.

I see moms wearing the TOMS original flats all the time, 
looking so adorable.
It's so unfair...
I think their original flats make my hips & butt look 10 pounds heavier, 
but I do throughly adore their ballet flats!


This dog...

could he be more rotten?
I think not!


This kid...

He has got me so wrapped up!
He is smart & deliciously adorable!
I love my little nephew, William!


And this divine little old lady cross stitch...
(bears such wisdom).

Sometimes smart people don't act very smart.
Sometimes it's clear & so simple...

and no, this divine cross stitch isn't directed at you...

or is it? Ha!
(it's not)
But just the same....
Let's all stop taking stupid pills, ok...yeah! ;)


Evan & I have become obsessive Eagle Watchers!

Mama & Daddy Eagle have been spiffing up the nest all week.

Yesterday was supreme excitement when Mama Eagle surprised us all with an EGG!

Now they are back & forth keeping it warm...
it is so facinating!


And most important thing to happen this month...
this bed!!

It has been slept in,
a lot lately...
by a certain little boy!

Amen, amen, & amen!

((& amen))

I'm going to stop here,
the sinus medicine is kicking in...

Wishing you guys a wonderful & warm Monday.
I'll be back to tell you about a couple of painting jobs I just fininished (insert another amen).




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